Wendy Harp

Wendy Harp-Lewis is the Chief Compliance Officer, Vice President Corporate Legal for InteliSpend Prepaid Solutions out of St. Louis, Missouri.  InteliSpend is a leading provider of prepaid solutions in the business-to-business space.  Wendy is also the Prepaid Compliance Officer for the subsidiaries of InteliSpend’s parent company involved in prepaid.Wendy is responsible for mitigating company risk while balancing the needs of cardholder, client, merchant, sales, and marketing with compliance needs. Wendy leads a team responsible for all legal, compliance and risk functions including fulfilling widening regulatory requirements.Wendy has been a member of the NBCPA since its inception. She is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist and the Co-Secretary of the Greater St. Louis Chapter. Wendy and/or a member of her team are members of the GRWG, PAFF and Payroll subcommittees.  Wendy brings a perspective from the legal and business side with the experience of a leading business-to-business Program Manager and multi-network issuer. In her spare time, she is a contributor to the legislative section of the Prepaid Evolution blog (http://prepaidevolution.com/category/incentives-legislation/).Prior to this role, Wendy served as director of human resources, director of legal management, and director of legal, compliance, and risk management. She graduated summa cum laude with a B.S. in business management from Maryville University.