Vince Ciotti

Vince Ciotti

  • HIT Think C-Suite Attendee at HIMSS? Hmmmm …

    Are you a C-level hospital executive going to HIMSS this year? If so, what should you be asking of vendors while you’re here? Short answer: nothing!
  • HIT Think 2011 Predictions

    What will be the big news stories in HIT for 2011? I’m sticking my proverbial neck out with the following predictions:
  • HIT Think Hamlet's Blackberry

    Just finished a fascinating book that I heartily recommend to all CIOs: "Hamlet's Blackberry," by William Powers. It's a fascinating review of how this ubiquitous digital world threatens to take over our lives:
  • HIT Think Frankly Speaking ...

    Healthland just announced the appointment of a new CEO: Ms. Angie Franks, former VP of Sales & Marketing. Angie is a real pro in the business: over 20 years of “feet on the street” for vendors, including Lawson, probably the powerhouse in the ERP space, now that Oracle gobbled up PeopleSoft. We’ve worked with Angie a bunch over the past few years, since Healthland (previously known as Dairyland) is one of the major players in small hospital system selections.
  • HIT Think Best Kept Secrets in HIT - Part II

    My apologies to readers who lamented my last blog entry that failed to knock a vendor product. This one will tick them off even more: two bits of good news on two vendor revenue cycle products, both overturning my long-held skepticism:
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