Richard Ramirez

Mr. Ramirez is a Managing Director with Hilltop Securities Inc. (formerly First Southwest Company) and is based in Austin, Texas. Mr. Ramirez is a 28 year veteran of the public finance industry. He has been involved in all forms of debt issuance for many issuers across the country. Prior to joining his present firm in 2008, Mr. Ramirez worked at Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. His professional career began in public accounting with Arthur Andersen in Houston in 1975 and his public finance career began in 1987 as co-founder, president and CEO of Apex Securities. Although Mr. Ramirez has worked in all sectors of Public Finance, since joining Hilltop he has been primarily focused on transportation infrastructure financings. He represents four Regional Mobility Authorities in Texas as well as a transit issuer and a city base development.Mr. Ramirez has served on various boards and commissions at the request of two former Houston Mayors and a former Governor. He presently sits on the Williamson County CASA Board. Mr. Ramirez has also served on the Municipal Advisory Council (MAC) of Texas board and served as its first Hispanic Chairman in 1999-2000.�