Rahim Rajpar

Rahim Rajpar is Vice President, Strategy and Business Development, for John Hancock Financial Services.� Rahim is responsible for developing, analyzing, and recommending profitable growth strategies and opportunities for the US Insurance business with a strong focus on market expansion.� Prior to this role, Rahim oversaw a retirement education team that provides individual retirement solutions for 401(k) participants.� Rahim was instrumental in getting the group off the ground and managed all aspects of the business which brings in over $1 Billion in assets a year.�Rahim has 17 years of experience in financial services and has been with Manulife Financial, John Hancock’s parent company, since 2001.� His past roles with Manulife include both product and brand management in both the US and Canadian Markets, senior channel (advisor, consumer), and investment marketing roles.� As the Brand Manager for Manulife Investments, Rahim was also Editor of Solutions Magazine – a consumer investment magazine dedicated to enrich the financial lives of Canadians.In 2008, Rahim was recognized with the prestigious Manulife Star of Excellence – awarded for outstanding achievement and contribution to the company.� In addition, Rahim and the various marketing teams he has led have received a number of awards for outstanding marketing programs from organizations like IFCA (Insurance and Financial Communicators Association), LACP (League of American Communications Professionals), and the CMIA (Canadian Marketing Investment Awards).Prior to Manulife Financial, Rahim worked for Morningstar Canada and CI Investments – a leading Canadian provider of investment related products.Rahim holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) from the University of Western Ontario and has participated in a number of leadership and marketing continuing education programs, including The Partnership’s Next Generation Executive program. �A Native Torontonian, Rahim now lives in Boston, Massachusetts, with his wife Jennifer and two daughters, Ana Lucia and Leila Sofia. In his spare time, he enjoys music, food, and traveling the world experiencing new cultures.��