Michael Colsch

Mr. Colsch has been Chief of Finance of the Authority since April, 2003.� As Chief of Finance, Mr. Colsch has had a lead role in managing financing of the Authority�s Congestion Relief Program which commenced in 2005 and the Tollway�s $12.1 billion Move Illinois Capital Program that extends from 2012 through 2026.�Prior to joining the Authority, Mr. Colsch was employed by the Illinois Bureau of the Budget and has been involved in major capital program planning and financing for over twenty-five years.� While with the Illinois Bureau of the Budget, he managed the State�s general obligation, Build Illinois, Illinois First and civic center bonding programs.�Mr. Colsch has a M.A. Degree in Economics from Western Illinois University and a B.A. Degree in Economics from Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa.��