Krish Swamy

Krish Swamy is Vice President of Advanced Analytics at Wells Fargo. He brings nearly 20 years of financial services and management consulting experience, spanning a wide range of analytic functions.In his role, Swamy is responsible for advancing cutting-edge data science and data engineering practices and is frequently engaged in applying new algoriths to long-standing banking and customer challenges that have defied solutions. He is also a key influencer in the overall Big Data direction at the bank, and he is redefining the practice and application of Business Intelligence through a consulting team.Swamy’s overriding passions are around solving deep customer needs, driving an exceptional customer and employee experience, and connecting with the latest in technology to do so.Prior to joining Wells Fargo, Swamy worked as an analytic leader at Capital One and specialized in building credit risk and pricing models, and using digital data to drive cross-sell.