Jim Gibson

Jim Gibson

  • HIT Think Don’t Fall in Love

    Health care executives need to perform rigorous, objective evaluations of job candidates to avoid mis-fires during hiring process.
  • HIT Think The Fallacy of Zero Tolerance … in Hiring

    As search consultants, we are usually viewed as trusted advisors and extensions of the management team. So, knowing when to push back on a client, and when to just defer to the client’s opinion and judgment, is one of the trickier parts of our job. It’s a good example of when it’s more art than science.
  • HIT Think Are Superstars Needed? Re-think the Spec

    I could have titled this, “The Lesson of the Gray Striped Flannel Pants” because the analogy is unmistakable.
  • HIT Think There’s Nothing like Focus

    We continue to read in HIT trade journals and blogs, and even in the general news periodicals, about the HIT labor shortage.Yet many employers seem to forget or be unaware of this market reality when they court potential hires. They are juggling priorities, and filling a critical role is one of many. These competing priorities trade places from day to day, often resulting in interview schedule changes and delays. Some of this is to be expected as critical opportunities or problems arise.
  • HIT Think 15 Seconds On Resume Writing

    You may have heard it said that experienced recruiters and HR people spend 15 seconds on average reading a resume. Before I got into search work nine years ago, my reaction was, “That’s preposterous…and unjust. How could anyone, even the fastest reader, fully appreciate the majesty of my accomplishments in 15 seconds? My resume should be savored – pour a fresh cup of coffee and settle in – not rushed through.”
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