Jill Speirs

Jill M. Speirs has 20+ years of experience in financial services (banking and insurance), as well as telecommunications, energy and home services and Retail. Ms. Speirs has expertise in both the consumer and B2B markets with a focus on leveraging organizations' client and product information to increase current and future client growth and retention. At Sears Canada, she is leading the CRM project which is utilizing the MDM program to a single view of the Customer to drive customer focused planning, merchandizing decisions & cross channel marketing optimization.Prior to Sears Canada, Ms. Speirs has led enterprise-scale CRM programs with Scotia Insurance, Bank of Nova Scotia, Bell Mobility, Royal Bank of Canada and ING DIRECT, ING Bank of Canada to enable the integration of marketing, sales and operations and drive multi channel direct response marketing.Ms. Speirs has an Honours BA from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario and an MA in Museum Studies from the Royal Victoria University, Manchester, England, as well as a Christie's Art Education certificate from Christie's Art Auctioneers, London, England. In addition, her business accreditations include a Direct Marketing certificate from the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) and the executive management development program in CRM (value management) from Harvard University.