Jeffrey Feinstein, PhD

Jeffrey Feinstein is Senior Director, Analytic Strategy, for LexisNexis� Risk Solutions.� In this role, he is responsible for developing the LexisNexis� RiskView™ credit risk score.� Additionally, he also leads innovation efforts to bring new analytic solutions and content to the market.� He joined LexisNexis is 2010.Before joining LexisNexis, Feinstein spent 14 years at FICO, where he focused on credit data and scoring.� He was a lead developer for FICO Score and other credit bureau-based scores, and he also led the research team that brought the alternative data-driven FICO Expansion Score to market.� He has received three U.S. Patents for his innovations in credit modeling.Feinstein earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from State University NY, Buffalo and a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology and Applied Statistics from Ohio.