Charles L. Almond

Charles Almond has over forty years experience practicing law and specializing in federal income tax matters—in particular, federal income tax matters relating to State and local government bonds and public finance. Mainstays of Charlie’s practice have included:Structuring and opining on a wide variety of governmental and private-activity-bond financings in a traditional bond counsel/underwriter counsel capacity�Representing issuers and conduit borrowers in Internal Revenue Service audits of their bondsRepresenting issuers and conduit borrowers seeking resolution of unresolved legal issues by obtaining private letter rulings from the Internal Revenue ServiceAdvising and representing a variety of clients seeking/opposing, advocating, and obtaining federal legislative and regulatory rule changes relating to State and local bondsCharlie has dealt extensively with Congressional, Treasury and Internal Revenue Service personnel on both technical and tax-policy issue relating to public finance.� Having practiced in the public finance arena for as long as he has, Charlie is well acquainted and friendly with many public finance lawyers and bankers on both coasts and in most States in between.