Population Health Management: Learning from Your Own Hospital Employee Population

ICD-10 and the Physician Practice

Analytics Across the Ecosystem

Virtual Workstations to Enhance the Clinician Experience

How Adventist Health Systems Improved Disaster Recovery Time by 75 Percent and Achieved Cost Savings

Customer Spotlight: Speeding Access to Clinical Desktops with Single Sign-On

Metro Health Explains the True Costs and Savings of VDI for Healthcare

Backing Up to the Cloud & HIPAA Compliance

Getting Real About ICD-10

Geography, Analytics and Population Health

Children’s Hospital Reduces Costs and Increases Staff Efficiency with Wireless Asset Management & Environmental Monitoring

The Population Health Journey: A Practical Guide to Becoming a High Performing Network

ICD-10:A Dose of Reality, a Plan for Success

Big Data & Population Health Management: The Journey

Improving patient throughput with real-time information – on the go

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Physicians, frequently perceived as a roadblock to a high-quality/low-cost paradigm, often spearhead IT advances central to the effort.

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