Medical imaging has emerged as one of the most exciting and important areas of value-based care. Incredible technical breakthroughs now allow healthcare organizations to do more than just diagnose problems; in fact, sophisticated analytics now allow medical imaging systems to anticipate obstacles to improved patient outcomes.

But in any fast-moving field as medical imaging, healthcare IT professionals have to be concerned about such issues as managing Capex costs, staying on top of rapid changes and ensuring availability, responsiveness and security. In fact, without proper planning and agility, medical imaging systems run the risk of losing their economic and operational value over time.

However, there are things healthcare IT professionals can and should do now in order to future-proof their medical imaging system to ensure long-term value. Sign up for this free webinar and listen to Frost & Sullivan principal analyst Nahim Daher, joined by McKesson corporate strategy VP Joe Biegel, provide real-world advice on how to make smart decisions on medical imaging systems today that provide sustainable value over time.

Key Speakers

Mike Perkowski
Co-Founder & Partner, New Reality Media, LLC
Joe Biegel
VP of Corporate Strategy, McKesson
Nadim Daher
Principal Analyst, Frost & Sullivan