Preventive care, which includes adult immunizations, has become a renewed focus in 21st Century medicine. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides guidelines for adult immunizations. Healthcare organizations are now faced with the task of improving adult immunization rates.

Strategies for improving adult immunizations rates continue to emerge and evolve. One strategy for improving adult immunization rates is collaboration that is data-driven. This webinar shares the experience of an adult immunization collaborative across 7 diverse ambulatory care practices that used a unified population analytics data platform. The 7 sites were able to implement strategies to improve adult immunization rates for pneumococcal and influenza vaccines in adult populations.

At the end of this webinar, attendees will be able to:
· Know more about CDC adult immunization guidelines for pneumococcal vaccine.
· Learn more about collaborative group strategies to improve immunization rates.
· Learn about the role of healthcare analytics platforms to support data-driven collaboration.
· Discuss the challenges of collaboration in improving adult immunization rates for risk groups.

Key Speakers

Mike Perkowski
Co-Founder & Partner, New Reality Media, LLC
Jill Powelson
Director of clinical translation, Analytics division, AMGA
Marissa Seligman, PharmD, FACEHP, CHCP
Vice President, Provider Client Relationships, Optum