The Affordable Care Act is changing the way that healthcare is organized, delivered and reimbursed. The ACA and other market forces are incentivizing providers to improve quality and provide more value to the system.

Under value-based care reimbursement, providers are using resources more judiciously and focusing on specific patient care needs in delivering care, because of the rising emphasis on quality of care. That’s created the need to pull all of a patient’s information together in order to have the most inclusive picture of a patient’s needs.

While providers have invested heavily in electronic medical records, they are still dealing with significant amounts of other information, coming in via mail, fax and email. Compiling and accessing this information is challenging—it creates distinct workflows, and raises privacy and security concerns.

This web seminar will examine how providers can best manage diverse sources of patient information in a complex environment, using automation to streamline operations, enable better collaboration between departments, improve regulatory compliance, increase security and reduce costs.

Key Speakers

Sharon Varalli
Senior Product Marketing Manager Nuance Document Imaging