As more providers enter into risk-based contracts with payers, they are seeing the value of applying their deep reservoirs of patient data to population health management (PHM). As they do, however, they’re beginning to understand that they can’t do the same PHM activities payers and employers have tried before and expect better results.

Success in PHM requires different workflows, different approaches to care, and different definitions of risk and opportunity than those previously used by PHM practitioners. It also requires different tools. In addition to using population analytics and predictive analytics to stratify patient risk, they are turning to patient reported data to help understand who’s at risk and why. Knowing why can help providers better know how to reduce that risk.
At the end of this webinar, attendees will be able to:

· Describe the context for patient reported measures in risk assessment
· Identify valuable patient reported measures in supporting risk assessment today
· Discuss a new framework for risk assessment based on a theory of health demand and reserve, made possible by the collection of patient reported data.

Key Speakers

Greg Slabodkin
Moderator: Managing Editor, Health Data Management
Alejandro Reti, MD
CMO, Optum Analytics