The pressure is on. The clock’s ticking. Hospital CIOs across the nation are staring at deadlines, trying to figure out the best path forward. On all fronts, there’s one overarching option that grows more attractive by the day: cloud computing. In some cases, the cloud provides lower-cost alternatives to legacy on-prem solutions. In other situations, the cloud’s scalability offers promise for new possibilities. And when it comes to security, many professionals -- and even regulators -- are better appreciating what cloud brings to the table.

Register for this HealthDataManagement Webcast to learn how cloud maturity is fundamentally changing the game for hospital CIOs. Renowned cloud expert Dez Blanchfield, Data Scientist of The Bloor Group, will explain why forward-looking hospitals are already headed down the path to a new paradigm in IT infrastructure, one that embraces the hybrid cloud. He’ll be joined by Matt Ferrari of ClearDATA, who will demonstrate why his cloud management solution is perfect for a wide range of use cases, including: analytics, mHealth initiatives, disaster recovery, security and compliance; and advanced tools like micro-services, containers and Lambda architecutres.

This will be the first part of a two-part series, with the second episode focusing on how companies can effectively migrate to the cloud.

Key Speakers

Eric Kavanagh
Dez Blanchfield
Resident Data Scientist The Bloor Group
Scott Whyte
SVP, Growth & Innovation ClearDATA