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Security: Protecting Patient Privacy


The recent Anthem Health data breach provided a jarring alarm-clock like jolt to the healthcare industry. The breach called attention to just how vulnerable healthcare information truly is. Learn what healthcare companies are doing to prevent such breaches and how they are protecting themselves.

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Envisioning a Future with New, Innovative Technologies

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There is no rest for the wicked or for the virtuous, as the healthcare industry – a sector known for doing good – is starting to discover. With electronic health records now widely adopted, the industry is not only looking for ways to optimize this technology, it is also – without even taking as much as a cat nap – getting ready to welcome and adopt the “next big thing.” Read on to find out what’s coming next.

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Population Health Poised to Take on Leading Role

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As the ever-present goal of improved clinical care and reduced costs continues to loom, the healthcare industry has focused in on population health -- an approach that specifically aims to improve the health of entire human populations. A report published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2013 provides some good news and bad news regarding the success of such population health efforts.  According to the study, overall population health in the United States has been improving – yet improvements have not kept pace with population health advances in other wealthy countries and illness and chronic disability now account for nearly half of the health burden in the U.S.  To improve population health efforts, healthcare organizations are beginning to turn to a variety of information technology applications.  This supplement looks at the challenges and opportunities facing healthcare organizations that are seeking to leverage information technology to better their population health efforts. Read on to find out more. 

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Beyond Basics: Healthcare Industry Poised to Explore More Innovative Technologies

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The federal government’s electronic health records adoption program seems to have whet healthcare providers’ appetites for more. As organizations are moving toward implementing EHRs in compliance with the Meaningful Use requirements, many are coming back to the table looking to broaden their technology consumption as well.

Certainly, the government’s incentive program can, at least in part, be credited with sparking this wide-spread move toward information technology. According to findings from the 25th Annual HIMSS Leadership Survey, more than 90 percent of hospital leaders have already qualified for Stage 1 Meaningful Use and approximately three-quarters indicated they expect to qualify for Stage 2 in 2014. Read on to find out what’s next.

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Big Data and Analytics: Opportunities and Challenges

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After sitting on the sidelines for quite some time, healthcare organizations are finally entering into the big data game. Fortunately, it appears as if it’s a game worth playing, as a report from the McKinsey Global Institute points out that, if used creatively and effectively, big data could be worth more $300 billion per year for the industry. Simply having lots of information, of course, is just the start. To truly improve clinical care and operational efficiencies, healthcare organizations need to analyze the data, turning all of the disparate information into actionable knowledge. Read on to find out about the opportunities and challenges that organizations face as they leverage analytic tools to emerge as big data winners.

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Finding A Better Way to Fax


open text better fax

The healthcare industry is moving towards electronic health records at breakneck speed, yet paper and fax machines still prevail. As a result, healthcare workers often find themselves toiling away in two worlds: one that’s computerized and one that’s not. In the eBook, you’ll discover how healthcare organizations are improving processes, cutting costs, and enhancing security with enterprise IP-based and cloud based faxing systems.

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