Electronic health records have great potential to help clinicians better manage patients with chronic diseases, such as diabetes, asthma and obesity. Disease management tools include identification of at-risk patients, lab and results alerts, and condition-specific registries.

New EHR Vendor Targets Autism Treatment

Partners to Develop 'Engagement Engine' for Activity Tracking

Louisville Taps Sensor Data to Tackle Asthma Citywide

CMS Awarded Project Seeks to Improve HIV/AIDS Medication Adherence

Older Low-Income Women Liked mHealth Breast Care App

Cardiologists Create Digital Heart Signal Map

IBM Invests in Specialty-Specific EHR Vendor

NLP-Enabled Review Accurate, Less Costly Than Human Review

AMA, CDC Develop Pre-Diabetes Online Toolkit, Screening Tool

Yale Goes Electronic for Trials Recruitment, Payment

Modeling Helps Plot Stroke Center Locations

Senate Bill Would Increase Access to Medicare Claims Data

Is Healthcare’s Future Going Mobile?

Apple Launches Software Framework, Apps to Aid Medical Research

NIH-Led Partnership Launches Alzheimer’s Big Data Portal

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